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Using SOTI infrared cameras as part of a novel neurofeedback technique

03. 18. 2019

This post describes a March 2019 survey of Sierra Olympic Technologies (SOTI) Customer, Jeffrey...

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Using HD Thermal Cameras for Airborne Reconnaissance

09. 06. 2018

Airborne reconnaissance is a critical part of military strategy. Thermal infrared cameras offer...

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Selecting the Right Thermal Imaging System

06. 26. 2018

When one is in the market for a thermal imaging system, they will have plenty of manufacturers...

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Wide-Area Surveillance Using HD LWIR Uncooled Sensors

08. 09. 2017

The effectiveness of airborne search and rescue, navigation, and situational awareness tasks is...

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THE TRUTH ABOUT RANGE DATA: How to Assess Thermal Camera Range Capability for Site Design Purposes

03. 23. 2017

When laying out a site design for surveillance it is important to understand the field of view...

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Gig-E Vision® Improves Thermal Imaging

02. 14. 2017

Viento-G thermal cameras are easy-to-use thermal cameras that are packed with features and...

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